Music and bitcoin: the coexistence of centuries past and centuries to come

Written By C. Froegher

Money can’t buy happiness. At least that’s what they say. Can bitcoin buy happiness? bitcoin has a potential that has only begun to be tapped over the past few years. Its meteoric rise to notability is but an indicator of the things it can accomplish. Only the patience of our future selves, as we HODL for our lives, will give us a chance of finding out whether bitcoin can truly make us happy. 

A proven catalyst for happiness is that age-old art—the art that existed even before people knew what a coin was—music. I had music in my life long before I heard the word “bitcoin.” I was completely enamoured with the mysteries and intricacies of music—and had committed to a musical future—long before I learned that bitcoin is not a special kind of coin that is green and made of plastic. 


How can the future of cryptocurrency—a mathematical feat that only some of us can begin to understand—share our attention with the history of a universal human art? How can bitcoin be a part of the same world that is home to the creations of Mozart, Beethoven and Verdi? The answer is simple: keep your bitcoin in your crypto-wallet, with your private key stored deep in the back of your brain, and let music light up your heart with timeless beauty. The two work together to make your peace-of-mind more accessible. The two work together, but are very, very different. 



Some of you might not accept the simple solution I just outlined. Some of you may not want to keep your bitcoin thoughts in a different part of your brain from your music thoughts. Some of you might believe that all aspects of life are integrated. And you would not be wrong. 

How can music help make your bitcoin life a little happier? How can bitcoin help make your musical life a little smarter?

Here are three ways you can make bitcoin and music work together:

  1. Write a song that will help you remember your private key. Turn the letters and numbers into notes. Come up with a song that incorporates the words of your seed phrase. The only downside of doing this is that if you end up writing a good song, the only person who will be able to know or hear it is you. Unless you decide to release it as a single and risk other music-lovers stealing your bitcoin. It’s your choice.
  2. Buy music with bitcoin. Yes, it’s that simple. You can let your musical life infuse happiness into your crypto-life just by using your bitcoin to pay for a few tracks of the latest (or the oldest) great tunes. The stats on who accepts bitcoin as payment are ever changing. If you look hard enough, you will no doubt find someone who will sell you some great music for a few satoshi. 
  3. Listen to music you never thought you’d listen to while basking in the warmth of your in-home bitcoin-mining computers. While you wait for those blocks to be added to the blockchain, try finding a playlist of Bach, or the Beatles, or maybe even some good old Vivaldi. Bitcoin is one of the new things in cryptocurrency technology; try balancing out the timeline of your intellectual pursuits by listening to some really old music. 

Music is good… bitcoin is good… your bitcoin-mining computers are bringing the temperature of your room up to a comfortable seventy degrees…. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy yourself.


Someday, you will be able to decide for yourself whether bitcoin can buy you happiness. But you can know right now that music will always be there for you, even when the bitcoin price sags a bit or doesn’t seem to be quickly approaching a million dollars per bitcoin. You can HODL your bitcoin forever if you want to, but music is something to be appreciated, shared and enjoyed every day. 

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